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Our Story

Fini Brand is a New York-based accessory brand that started as Fini Shoes. Our Founder started Fini with a vision to innovate the footwear industry.

The brand debuted in 2018 with a fervor to introduce a luxury aesthetic while also allowing customers to express their individuality via detachable pieces.

Fini Brand promotes creativity, and we are excited to have you join us on our journey to revolutionize the Fashion accessory industry.

Our Products

Fini Brand products are lifestyle products engineered and designed for maximum comfort and durability without forgoing the luxury aesthetic. Our shoes are innovative multi-dimensional products that cater to all types of people and occasions from day to night, weekdays to weekends.

Our Handbags are curated
with the highest quality and materials to create unique lifestyle products.

Our Mission

Fini Brand’s unique, never-seen-before customization elements make it a standout in
the footwear industry. Each one of our shoes allows the wearer to add multiple
attachments through a seamless and patented design. Customers can switch out
parts of a shoe to completely transform its look. Fini Brand can be worn in a
variety of ways and will adapt to any environment via attachable accessories.
Our mission is to disrupt the accessories market and provide a price, value,
and style unmatched in today’s retail industry.


shoe boxes and hang tags


with renewable solar energy

Finest leathers

Our Vision

Fini Brand is committed to offering flexible, eco-friendly accessory products. Our
shoes are designed in New York and handmade in Portugal. Our handbags are
designed and manufactured in the USA. We want our customers to be engaged with
us as we develop our brand and evolve with future trends. Our goal is to
continue to refine our products to best fit each one of our customer's needs.
The Fini team promises to bring you the ultimate experience, from delivering
quality sustainable products to offering top customer service.