Working With Factories -

 Fini expect business partners, suppliers, and contractors who are involved in the manufacturing process of any of our products to conduct their businesses not only in a lawful manner but also in compliance with the highest standards of integrity and ethics.



Our approach to supply chain decisions


Fini has a system to pre-screen factories before we place orders. This process includes screening potential new suppliers for the ability to meet our sourcing, quality, social and environmental standards. The screening process decides whether or not to place an order with a new factory. 


All business partners are subject to inspection before any business arrangements. Factories who manufacture our products are regularly inspected to monitor compliance with our Code of Conduct and applicable laws and regulations. Suppliers are expected to promptly take corrective action to address any identified deficiencies. Although we endeavor to work with Suppliers to assist them in achieving compliance by providing training and informational resources, Fini reserves the right to terminate immediately its relationship with a Supplier found to be in violation of the Code of Conduct.





Our Code of Conduct applies to every level of our supply chain from farm to factory, including all subcontractors and sub-suppliers. It outlines our policies on the following topics: 


Animal Welfare

Child Labor 

Employment Relationship


Fair Compensation

Freedom of Association and Collective Bargaining 

Forced Labor 

Harassment, Abuse and Disciplinary Practices 

Health and Safety  

Hours of Work 

Law and Code Compliance


Overtime Wages





Wages and Benefits